Where you’ll create a successful budget and start managing your money with purpose!

The Budgeting Workshop is a Group Masterclass and includes a Three 30 mins one-on-one calls.

I'm ready!

So, what is The Budgeting Workshop?

The Budgeting workshop is a Group Masterclass where you will learn the fundamentals of a budget.

Mayra will guide you thru the step-by-step process of building a successful budget.

She will also be available to answer any questions you may have in the three 30 mins one-on-one calls.

By the end of The Budgeting Workshop, you will…

  • Become CONFIDENT and PROFICIENT at building a budget.
  • Start making every penny go farther.
  • Start the process of meeting your goals.
  • Have an AMAZING plan which will make you feel empowered.

You are UNIQUE and your budget requires more than a standard budget template.

Over the past 11 years of building budgets, I’ve learned one thing:

  • If you don’t plan your money and set goals, your money will disappear.

In The Budget Workshop, I will guide you to create the best budget for you!