May Challenge: Make Your Money Multiply!


What’s included?

We will meet via Video Call once a week on Wednesdays in May at 6pm PST / 9pm EST for 90 mins!

  • May 3rd – Budgeting: Planning is half the battle!
  • May 10th – Meal Prepping: “Hay Comida en la Casa” Challenge!
  • May 17th – Couponing: How to get toiletries and detergent for half the price!
  • May 24th – Audit and Reconcile: Review all Monthly Memberships/Subscriptions and shop insurances, utilities, etc.
  • May 31st – Make More Money: How to negotiate a raise, and/or create a side hustle.

You’ll also receive a gift in the mail!  Sign up now, so that it arrives before May 1st.


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