#021 – On this episode, Mayra talks about how our mindset affects our decisions.  She reviews what things millionaires value and how the words we use are so important. Feel free to message Mayra at Instagram.com/DebtFree.Latina


[0:00] How is Spanish phrase affecting our mindset? That’s what we’re going to tackle on today’s show.


[0:12] Welcome to Debt-Free Latina, the podcast where you can finally realize your dream of being debt free and feeling peace about your financial future. And now your host, Mayra Alejandra Garcia.


[0:30] Hola, hola. Thank you so much for being here. Today I want to talk about the phrase, Spanish phrase, which means, he who doesn’t cheat, doesn’t get ahead. And it’s a very common phrase in the Hispanic community and I want to talk about our mindset. When we have that mindset, and we use that phrase, it’s really affecting our psyche. It’s really affecting the way we make decisions. And how is that affecting us generationally? Because if you heard your mom or your dad say that, or anyone around you, use that phrase, they were probably trying to get away with something or thought they could get away with something. And they’re hoping that they never get caught. And it’s really affecting our mindset. I read the book, The Millionaire Mind. And one of the things that millionaires value, the most, actually was number one, it was integrity. And when I sat and thought about that, I thought, if integrity is the number one thing that people value, then it needs to be that for us Latinos.


[2:08] And I started thinking about what things around us are affecting that. What phrases and different things and one of the things I came up with, Spanish phrase 2:22, is hurting us. We can’t think that way. We have to fight that. So if you have that as a part of your vocabulary, if that’s something that you tend to say, I want you to check yourself, because your words are powerful, very powerful. And what you say to yourself is affecting your mindset. So we need to be super careful with what we say, with what we believe, with what we tell ourselves. Because if one thing defines your future, and one thing that you should value, is integrity, then you can’t live by that motto of Spanish phrase 3:10. You can’t. So I want to challenge you. If that is a term you use, when do you use it? When was the last time you used it? And how are you going to respond to people when they use it? Because that’s something that I’m going to do now. I feel that the times that I’ve heard it, it’s always bothered me, which was probably why I thought about it when I read the book. It is a value for me now. It is something that I’m going to address if I hear it from a family member or somebody that I love and trust, that would be able to take the feedback. I will address it. I will not let it go. If I hear that term or anything associated with that, I will call it out.


[4:04] And it also made me think, what other terms or phrases, Spanish word 4:10, whatever, do we use, similar to that, and I want to hear from you. So if you know a term, a phrase, Spanish word 4:22, and you want to share that with me, go to instagram.com/debtfree.latina, or you can just use @ debtfree.latina. Go there, send me a DM and tell me I am so interested in knowing what else I can add to my list of things that I’m going to address because integrity has to be an important part of our being, of who we are. And if we want to change our generational wealth, we need to change part of our mindset, we need to change part of our habits, in order to achieve that. And one thing that I thought was, well, I need to think like a millionaire. So that’s why I read The Millionaire Mind. How do they think? How do they… you’d be surprised. Most of the millionaires in the book drive a four or more year old car. They also wear really inexpensive clothes, which was really surprising, because I always think they have the designer bags and most people that have money, you would never know. You would never know. They wear just regular clothes. They’re not flashy. And so it’s not surprising now that I’m looking at it in hindsight, that gives people do well, because they’re not spending mindlessly on things like brands. You don’t. And they have average homes. That was another thing to me like, I always think of I want a bigger house and if you know me, you know that I would love to live in a nicer home, and it’s always been something that I’ve wanted. I’ve always wanted this house with white cabinets, ovens on the wall, and that’s been my thing. I want a gas stove. Again, because when I lived in LA we we all had gas stoves and that’s something that I really miss. And being in Arizona, I live in a home that has electric and it’s all electric, we have no gas here, and I’d have to move to another community that has gas in order to have a gas stove. And so when I read the book and I saw that most millionaires actually have a 2000 square foot house and I have a 2000 square foot house, so I thought oh my gosh, they live in the square footage that I live in. It’s probably really fancy some of them, but I just thought how awesome that they don’t have these big ol’ houses, these big ol’ mentioned that I imagined.


[7:36] So the more I read about what a millionaire looks like, how they think and what they do, I want to start mimicking some of those things. I want to start making some of those decisions and make them consciously because a lot of our decision making is unconscious. It’s just habits that have built over time. It’s what we’ve seen our parents do. And some of it has to do with what we apply as adults. What have we learned along the way, or what we’d like to change? And one of the things I’d like to change is how do I think. Our words are powerful. We need to be careful with the Spanish word 8:18 that we say. Yes, they’re part of our culture. And yes, they can be funny. We need to be careful and in order to generationally change the direction of my family, and so on, I need to make sure that I don’t use those terms with my children. I need to make sure that I don’t say these Spanish word 8:45, so that they don’t repeat it. So be kind with your words, kind to yourself, create your budget, get organized. Christmas is coming. So if you haven’t done your Christmas budget yet, you want to listen to the previous episode, where I go over what you can do to build that now. Hope to see you in the next episode. We are going to tackle more of these things that I promised a couple episodes back. We are going to cover some more of these topics that have to do with our culture and the way we are brought up so that we can learn from them. Stay tuned.


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