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Have You Said This To Yourself Before?

I’m stressed with bills and don’t know how to create margin to save money!


I’m stressed about retirement, I have nothing saved and I feel so behind!

All my credit cards are maxed out, and I feel scared about the future!


I don’t have enough money.


I’m living paycheck to paycheck!

have tried budgeting but it doesn’t work for me!

 What if…

You Could Be Debt-Free and Feel True Freedom! 

What if you have an emergency fund,  your car breaking down becomes an inconvenience and not a stressful situation. 

If you lost your job, you knew everything would be fine.

Having 6-12 months worth of expenses saved can bring you piece of mind.

What If I Told You This Is All Possible! 

I can teach you the practical strategies that you can apply to your daily life. 

These will enable you to make behavioral changes that will make the impossible; Possible.  

“Do you have a budget? Like a real working budget?  I thought I did, until I had a one on one session with Mayra.  She created a budget for my family that really works….Mayra has taught me to make sure I include my life in my budget.  I thought a budget meant I had to cut out all the fun stuff.”

Pearl S. (Registered Nurse)

Hi, I’m Mayra!

A wife and mom of two, I’m originally from Los Angeles CA and now live in Phoenix AZ. 

Our family had $22,000 in debt and we were able to pay it off in 17 months. Living a debt-free lifestyle has enabled me to change careers.

Rule of the house:

“Debt is not an option!”

Financial Freedom Is…

  • having the ability to go shopping at Target to get all your necessaries and not have to worry if you have enough.


  • retiring with enough money to keep the same lifestyle you have now.


  • being able to pay all your bills and have money left for the little things that come up in life, like; a hair cut, makeup, school pictures, toiletries, etc.



You Can Now Take The Steps

To A Debt-Free Life!

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I have worked with Mayra one on one for more than a few months. From the very first session, we were able to receive structure and awareness on how to improve our situation. What impresses me the most is how knowledgeable Mayra is. 

– Sonia Alejandra Saunders, Mujeron Movement Founder